Naturetech Engineered Wood Siding

Naturetech Engineered Wood Siding, a brand by KWP Products, is the first cladding material to be manufactured with 100% recycled wood material. With over four decades in the building products industry, our engineers at KWP have taken their expertise into the next generation. Bringing together nature and technology in a revolutionary new process, Naturetech Engineered Wood Siding offers a variety of benefits that are simply unmatched by existing options.
That’s the official corporate message we use to “properly” introduce the brand. Now let’s do away with the formalities and get into a real dialogue about our products and why we truly believe we have something special to offer.  We will break this down into two main streams. We will discuss what Naturetech does for professionals, and then move on to what Naturetech does for the homeowner.
Naturetech siding aims to truly simplify the lives of professionals from architects, to builders, to installers. We’ve teamed up with various home designers and architects to develop some truly stunning profiles. And we’ve done it in 16 different colours, too. The home’s exterior can now be seen as a blank canvas for you to add style and colour with expertly manufactured siding. And we didn’t just stop with the siding. We’ve got the matching trims and accessories to go along with it. All Naturetech Siding and Accessories are available in all 16 Naturetech colours, no exceptions.
For builders, we’ve made our siding 1/2″ thick, 30% thicker than what’s currently out there. What does this mean? Let’s just say independent testing shows our products score higher than competing brands in wind resistance and durability. As a builder you know you’re offering the best in class material when using Naturetech, giving you that peace of mind you’ve been looking for. Naturetech products also contribute to LEED points and have FSC Certification (Forest Stewardship Council) for Green Builders to add yet another viable green building material to their projects.
Putting up siding has never been so easy. We’ve come up with a new interlock system that has truly changed the game. We call it Tru-Align. The Tru-Align system ensures each panel perfectly aligns with the next and locks the panels together while still allowing for horizontal movement. We’ve also got a fantastic hidden nail-hem system to make sure they don’t show through, eliminating the need to colour-coordinate them with the siding.
For the homeowners out there we believe we truly have a better option for your home’s exterior than what has been offered in the past. We’ve got a durable product that’s thicker than competing brands. We’ve got 8 styles and 16 colours. We’ve got deeper woodgrains. And we’ve got the most environmentally friendly product on the market backed by leading green organizations. Naturetech Engineered Wood panels are made to prevent rotting, cracking and splitting, allowing you to enjoy the look of your home without worrying about the maintenance.
So there you have it. Naturetech Engineered Wood Siding and Accessories. Questions? Comments? Sound off in the comments below.

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